According to human needs and wants; to establish creative, lawful and ideal society is the vision of this organization.



In order to promote human rights and social justice to the marginalized people in the society; decreasing poverty, providing basic education, racial, regional, and gender equality, quality health, environmental balance and for the long term development by the effective and efficient use of natural and human resources is the mission of this organization.



“Realization of a healthy society”


  • To implement various programs of child health care for decrease child mortality rate.
  • To provide knowledge and skillful education to the children who are unable to study and are working at home, industries or business as a child labor.
  • To emphasize awareness education to ensure child rights.
  • To convene different programs for the development of character and personality of the children.
  • To implement guardian awareness programs for the educational development of children different.
  • To emphasize economic enhancement programs such to eradicate child exploitation which is caused by extreme poverty.
  • To implement program addressing child malnutrition and ensure balance diet.
  • To initiate informal child education programs and child development centers for the children who are unable to attend school due to various reason.
  • To establish child and elderly people care centers.
  • To implement various awareness programs for the control of drug abuse.
  • To conduct various awareness programs about HIV/AIDS.
  • To conduct programs related to Agriculture, Health and Environment.
  • To conduct different programs for women awareness, their empowerment, legal advice, consultation, secured motherhood and reproduction.


In order to achieve the objectives of the organization line agencies, general public, donor organizations, women health volunteers, local schools, clubs, elites and renowned personality of the society who are committed to social values and norms shall be consulted and cooperation sought.

      Rules & regulations:

  • 5 year strategy planning
  • financial, administrative and Human resource policy
  • annual work plan
  • implementation of NGO code of conduct